DStv Packages + its Channels and Price

DStv Packages + its Channels and Price Over the years, tens of thousands of Nigerians had chosen DStv in a bid to enjoy an incredible television entertainment has it has amazing channels both local and channels. The Digital Satellite Television popularly known as DStv is, without doubt, the best and most celebrated digital satellite TV […]

How does an Air Conditioner Works At Home

Before outlining the step by step procedures on how air Conditioners works you need to at least know the meaning of an “Air Conditioner” What is an Air Conditioner? Air conditioner is a machine that is used to remove heat from a surrounding, thereby replacing it with cool and vise versa (that is, from cool […]

SmartThings Cam: How to add a Samsung camera to SmartThings?

The latest device from Samsung’s SmartThings Cam is an indoor security camera that you can add to your existing SmartThings ecosystem or use independently without the need for a hub. A 1080p camera that delivers High Dynamic Range (HDR) video and offers sound and motion detection, as well as free and paid cloud storage. But it lacks […]

SAMSUNG APP FRIDGE: Check out its smartness

Samsung App Fridge will amaze you. You will not believe what you will be able to do with a smart fridge, Talk more of the new Samsung app fridge. But as usual, i will guide you through the knowledge of a smart fridge. A smart fridge as the name implies makes things easy for you, […]

How do you use WIFI Direct to connect your TV? See how

Before knowing how to use WIFI Direct to connect your TV, you need to understand it means and how it works. When you use WIFI Direct to connect your TV, it shows every activity on your phone to the TV, which simply means you can see your phone screen on your television screen. WHAT IS […]

Smart TV: What are the features of a smart TV? LOOK HERE

Everyone wants to know the features of a smart TV, here we will give you all you need to know about it. But first, you need to understand what it means, and then, its features will be clearer to you. WHAT IS A SMART TV? According to Wikipedia, it is also known as a connected TV (CTV), […]