HOW TO UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone)

HOW TO UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone):


Have you been browsing around the internet on how to unblock iCloud (iPhone) to no avail?

Are you in need of the safest ways to unlock iCloud on your recently acquired iPhone? If yes, then keep reading.

To begin with, it’s not a big deal that you are using a fairly used iPhone, but if you buy the used Apple device (iPhone) from any random individual on

eBay or on any online marketplace and the seller forgot to remove or provide his iCloud details, then the phone is rendered useless.

Literally, there is nothing you actually do about it. You can’t drain the

battery to unblock the cloud, you definitely can’t jailbreak it, nor can you reinstall the phone operating system (OS) to wipe it clean.

That is to say, whatever the amount you paid for the phone is gone and all

that is left is an expensive smartphone (iPhone for that matter) that doesn’t work. But with the help of this article, your problem is technically solved.

Historically, there were countless numbers of people who subconsciously

found themselves in this ugly situation when the fairly used iPhone market began to expand.

All the people that had bought a second-hand or used iPhone and all other

Apple products legitimately couldn’t use them and they were all left without any solution.

And as such, iCloud Unblock service providers began to research ways to bypass the locked barrier.

After a series of false starts as well as testing of different potential ways and methods, then a loophole emerged.

This loophole is what now gave birth to the iCloud (iPhone) activation block remove.

How to unlock iCloud on iPhone

Your reason for wanting to unblock iCloud may be different from the above-given situation, maybe someone gift you an iPhone or maybe you

accidentally got your iPhone iCloud blocked, then your major concern will be how to unblock it.

As such, you need to be extra careful about the ways or techniques you’ll use to unblock the iCloud lock as there are numerous smartphone

companies and software developers out there that promise better results but failed to deliver.

Therefore, kindly read on as we paddle you through the safer techniques to be used for unblocking iCloud on your iPhone.

But before then, you might want to consider the following headings

What does the iCloud iPhone lock mean?

To better understand the topic of discourse, it’s very important to share more light on the concept “iCloud locked.”

One of the essential ways of setting up a newly bought iPhone is to register

its Apple ID and each phone is designed with its own unique number known as the IMEI.

Thus, to fully enjoy all the services that Apple is offering, each Apple

product user must have an Apple ID which is popularly known as the iTunes account.

So when doing the necessary settings on a new phone, you’ll be asked to enable ‘Find My iPhone’ during the setup.

When you do that then the unique details of the new phone will be logged directly to the Apple account.

So that iPhone details is what is referred to as the iCloud locked.

What is the iCloud iPhone unblock?

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone), What is iCloud iPhone unblock?

When you link your account details to the iPhone and save it on Apple’s servers, the iCloud iPhone locked will be activated successfully.

But if you forget the account details or bought the phone online and don’t

have access to the email and password that was used to register the new phone, then the iCloud iPhone blocked will occurred immediately.

So if you are in this kind of a mess, you may find this article useful as it’ll

teach you how to bypass the iCloud iPhone activation block using the unique IMEI, bypass, and other safe methods.

How to Find IMEI on a Blocked iCloud iPhone

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone), How to Find IMEI on a Blocked iCloud iPhone

As had been said earlier that a blocked or locked iCloud iPhone device is essentially worthless, but circumstances may arise where you’ll need to

present your IMEI number for unblocking the iCloud, thus you may need this.

That being said, you can easily get the IMEI number of the following iPhone model on their SIM tray:

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 4s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Equally, the IMEI of the following iPhone devices can be found at the back;

iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6; and iPhone 6 plus.

How to unblock iCloud iPhone activation lock

Haven introduced you to everything you needed to know and understand

about an iCloud (iPhone) blocked, you will find, below, the quickest means to unblock the iCloud activation lock.

While there are a few solutions, you can try out to get your iCloud (iPhone) unblocked and of course, some of them are for free.

These solutions range from things to try using common sense down to more obscure methods.

Irrespective of the option you opt for, I am pretty sure you will solve the issue and get your iPhone working again — properly.

Follow the 4 solutions listed and explained below to unblock your iPhone iCloud.

Solution #1: iCloud activation lock bypass

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone), iCloud activation lock bypass

The first solution out of the many ways this article will expose you to how

to unlock iCloud iPhone is through the iCloud activation locked bypass, though it’s a temporary solution it’ll help you go a long way.

Accordingly, this step is one of the surest ways albeit it’s a bit technical.

So if you can take your time and carefully read the below guidelines, you should be able to do it in 5 minutes.

But before then, it’s crucial you know that the biggest limitation to this method on how to unblock iCloud (iPhone) is that you can only use your

device via Wi-Fi and you can’t use it to do some basic things like making calls too.

In a nutshell, the iCloud activation block can be bypassed in three distinct steps and they are as follows:

Step 1: Connect your WiFi

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone), Connect your WiFi

In a bid to unblock the iCloud iPhone, the first thing expected of you to

successfully bypass the block is to connect the device (the blocked iPhone iCloud) to a WiFi network.

To do this, kindly navigate to the device settings and click on the Wi-Fi.

After then, click again on the letter ‘i’ that is next to your iPhone WiFi network you are going to connect to.

Once that is done, the WiFi signal will pop up at the top of your phone

screen indicating that your phone has been successfully connected to the intending WiFi network.

Step 2: Change the DNS settings.

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone), Change the DNS settings.

After you must have connected the phone to a WiFi network, the next cause of action is to change the iPhone domain name system (DNS) settings.

One thing about Apple is that the company is extremely difficult when it

comes to security, thus you are expected to be the real owner of the iPhone you want to bypass its activation lock.

To unblock your iPhone iCloud, you will have to change your old DNS numbers to a new one.

You can’t skip this step, and you can’t afford to make a mistake as it is

paramount in your journey to unblock the iCloud iPhone activation lock, so treat it as such.

In that case, gently navigate down to your iPhone DNS settings and softly clear off the old digits in a bid to replace it with something new.

Be enlightened that there are different DNS numbers according to a region or location.

  • So if you are staying anywhere in the United States or any part of North America, this DNS number should be used in place of the old one:
  • Are you living in Europe and will like to unblock your iCloud iPhone, then this DNS numbers will work for your location:
  • For Asia users, these numbers should be used in place of your old DNS:
  • And lastly, for people staying in another part of the world other than America, North America, Europe, and Asia, your nee DNS numbers should be

Step 3: Go Back to the Activation Help

 Go Back to the Activation Help

The last step to unblocking iCloud on your iPhone after you must have

changed your old domain name system (DNS) to a new one that is in line with your location is to make recourse to the activation help.

You are almost done as there is little to nothing left do again. Once the

iCloud activation locked bypass is completed, you will receive a message that will read thus: “You have successfully connected to my Server.”

With such a good news message, you have been able to unblock the iCloud iPhone, temporarily.

Since the bypass, an iCloud unblocking method is a temporary workaround,

you will need to follow the same steps again each time your iPhone device is rebooted.

Solution #2: Visit Apple store

 Apple store

If the solution discussed above is not feasible to you or you are afraid of getting lost along the line, you might want to try this one out.

As a real user or original owner of the iPhone, don’t you think to shell out extra cash just to unblock an iCloud iPhone that ought not to be blocked in

the first place is unfair? If that is the case, then visit any local Apple store in your area and asked them to unblock it for you.

Of course, they are duty-bound to unblock it for you under some circumstances.

You will have to show them the original receipt of the iPhone to prove that you’re the original owner.

And if you bought it as a fairly used; you will at the same time prove the

ownership by presenting evidence to indicate that the ownership has been transferred from the original buyer to you.

If for instance, you bought it from eBay or any online marketplace,

you’ll need to show the transaction print out as well as the payment confirmations.

Similarly, you may want to unblock the iPhone iCloud because the original owner is late, visiting the Apple store may also be the lasting solution.

They will be willing to help you unblock the iCloud so far it’s not stolen.

In the long run, visiting the local Apple store as one of the means of

unblocking iCloud iPhone can only be a success if you have what it takes to prove the legitimacy of the phone.

But if you failed to prove or show any evidence as to the ownership of the iPhone, this option might not work for you.

All Apple needs is to be 100% certain that you are really the rightful owner without (any shadow of) doubt.

Solution #3: Use the free version of LockWiper to unlock iCloud iPhone

UNBLOCK iCloud (iPhone)

In the same vein, you can use the trial version of an App called Lockwiper to unblock your device iCloud if the solutions discussed above won’t do.

Although the LockWiper App can be used to unblock the iCloud on iPhones, it only works on selected iOS-based devices.

Plus, it can be used to remove the passcode on the phone screen, too, if you lost or forgot it.

In that case, you can download the trial version and install it on your Mac computers.

 However, be informed that the trial version will only allow you to check if

it will work for your iPhone but won’t allow you to unblock the iCloud without buying a premium version.

That is to say, unblocking the iCloud iPhone using the lockWiper app isn’t a

free solution, although you can test run it before you commit yourself to buy the license (paid version).

Solution #4: Use any Unlocker Company

If you have tried all the previous steps and still desperate to unlock iCloud

on your iPhone, then engaging the service of any unlocker company may be a perfect option for you.

This method is the most reliable and fastest of them all. Although it will cost you the money you will rest assured that it’ll be done in a few days’ time.

This option will also save you from chasing the seller for the login

credentials, dodge Apple interrogation, or messing around with app or software yourself.

This method doesn’t require any bypass and it doesn’t have any limitation other than money;

all it requires is just your iPhone device IMEI and your work will be done in a few days.

There are plethora numbers of paid options and unlocker companies but the best and a highly recommended company you can

patronize is the AppleiPhoneUnlock, their service is unique and sure with responsive customer service.

There is IByPasser too; their service is great and their customer care is always active too.

When engaged in the service of IByPasser and they’re unable to unblock your iCloud, all your payment will be refunded instantly.


Obviously, from the explanation made above that, there are several options with which one can use to unblock iCloud (iPhone).

There are quick methods that command a temporary solution and there is a permanent method, too, which involves money.

However, it’s up to you to choose the best method on how to unblock iCloud among the aforementioned ones above.

Whatever the method you’ll like to choose, endeavor to let us know by using the comments section.