How to unlock the iPhone to use Nigeria’s SIM card

Today, I’ll be writing on how to unlock the iPhone to use Nigeria’s SIM card.

If you’re a frequent user of my blog and very conversant with my posts, you must have read and learned so many things about iPhone unlock.

However, this particular tutorial is meant for our Nigerian audience consumption.

You don’t have to panic all because your iPhone is SIM locked, the solution to that is here at last.

This article has every bit of instructions you need to unlock your iPhone without spending your hard-earned money unnecessary all in the name of SIM carrier unlock services.

But before delving into how to unlock the iPhone to use Nigeria’s SIM card, it’s very important we briefly explain how to unlock the iPhone in Nigeria simpliciter.

How to unlock iPhone in Nigeria

unlock iphone in Nigeria

Did you just buy an iPhone but you’re encountering a problem while making calls? Are you having difficulties accessing your iPhone menu in Nigeria?

If yes, there are possibly two things involved and they are:

1: It is either the iPhone is iCloud locked which in reality, very bad;

2: It is either the iPhone is safely locked to the country of origin network provider.

This means the iPhone can only be used and enjoyed in that country alone.
If your problem falls under the second category, you can unlock the SIM carrier problem here in Nigeria.

Thus, this tutorial on how to unlock the iPhone to use Nigeria’s SIM card will be discussed in a step-by-step approach.

How to Unlock iPhone to Use Nigeria’s SIM card.

As a precious and elegant iPhone device is, you cannot use and enjoy it to your satisfaction if it is SIM card locked to a particular network provider.

Not even in the country where it’s manufactured. Such is the faith of any individual who purchases the iOS device to be used outside the country of origin with different carrier or service provider.

To this end, this tutorial will guide you on how to unlock your iPhone to use any Nigeria’s SIM carrier or network provider with ease.

Without further ado, there are only two tested and trusted methods available with respect to this and they are as follows:

  1. By engaging the service of any Unlocker agency
  2. By contacting your SIM carrier

iPhone unlock service requirements

Before explaining the above-mentioned ways to SIM unlock iPhone in Nigeria in detail, it’s ideal to highlight the requirements for unlocking your iPhone to use any of Nigerian’s carriers or service providers.

These requirements are not much and strenuous, they’re simply simple and easy to get namely;

a) The iPhone in question IMEI number must be readily available;
b) The device must not be reported as a stolen property; and
c) The “find my iPhone” button must be enabled during the device configuration.

How to SIM Unlock iPhone in Nigeria

While your iPhone device might be SIM locked to a certain carrier, you don’t have to panic as it’s practically possible for you to unlock it to be able to use different Nigeria SIM carriers.

-Through Unlocker Agency:

network carrier

There are many unlocker companies out there that are readily available to help you unlock your iPhone device to accept any Nigeria SIM card at a reasonable and affordable price.

While it might not be easy for you to locate them physically, you can Google search or visit various online Nigeria-based forums like Nairaland to get one.

All they need to unlock your iPhone is the device IMEI number. It’ll be requested from you so that they can check which foreign network your iPhone is contracted with.

Hence, the country and network provider in which your iPhone is contracted with will determine the amount you’ll be billed for the service. Remember that the exchange rate differs.

Below are, however, some of the foreign SIM carriers or network providers your iPhone might be tied with and the amount of money you’ll be charged for the unlocking service.

Note: The price is not fixed, subjected to changes and it belongs to one of the unlocker agents I stumbled upon on the Nairaland Forum. You can contact him on 08098399169.

1: Foreign Network Providers and Their Unlocking Service Price in Nigeria

Bouygues telecom (France) 4k;
EE (United Kingdom) 20k;
Telus/kodoo (canada)12k;
Tesco (United Kingdom) 11k;
Telcel (Mexico) 4k;
O2 (United Kingdom) 15k;
Virgin mobile (Australia) 7k;
Verizon (Europe) 6k;
Vivo (Brazil) 11k;
Vodafone (Australia) 7k;
Rogers/fido (Canada) 7k;
Movistar (Colombia) 14k;
Tim (Brazil) 11k;
Telstra (Australia) 7k
Movistar (Spain) 5k
Yoigo (spain) 7k
Nextel (Mexico) 4k
Hutchinson (Sweden) 10k;
Sfr (France) 7k;
Orange (France) 7k;
Kddi (japan) 25k;
Kt sk (Korea) 5k; and
Kt SK (Korean with contract) 12k.

2: Contact Your Carrier

The other means in which you can use to switch your iPhone carrier from a foreign network provider to a domestic SIM card is by contacting your carrier directly.

This is so because it’s only the service provider that can actually unlock a SIM card locked iPhone, Apple doesn’t have the luxury of unlocking any iPhone to use a different network service.

Do follow the guidelines below religiously to safely unlock your iPhone to use a Nigeria SIM.

1: Check if the present network offers unlocking service

First of all, you need to check whether or not the current carrier provides an unlocking service.

This is so important because it is only the carrier/service provider that can unlock the SIM card locked iPhone.

2: Contact the service provider and request for unlocking

After you must have checked and confirmed that the service provider offers an unlocking service, do contact them and request for sim unlocking.

While this is a toll-free service, your account still needs to meet certain requirements before your request can be accepted.

And such an unlocking request might also take some days — after the submission — to be processed.

3: Contact them again for your request status.

After a few days of your unlocking request submission, it’s advisable you contact the network provider, again, for the SIM unlock request status.

In line with the above, you’ll have to follow the instructions below should your carrier or network probably confirms that your iPhone had been SIM unlocked for any service provider in Nigeria.

Replace the old SIM card with the new or intending Nigeria’s SIM; and
Configure your iPhone device again.

What to do if you see an ‘Error Message’

In case you see or receive a message stating that the new SIM card you inserted on the iPhone is not supported and as such, only compatible SIM from a relevant carrier can only be used for the activation.

Kindly use the following steps to rectify the issue:

  1. Restore your iPhone device to factory settings;
  2. Contact the network provider to double-check if they actually applied the “unlock” feature in their
  3. Restore your iPhone device from a backup.

If you strictly follow all the given instructions and directions, your iPhone will gladly accept any Nigeria’s SIM card.

How to unlock iPhone that is iCloud locked in Nigeria

Obviously, you’re here because you want to learn how to unlock your iPhone to use Nigerian SIM card.

To be candid, it is necessary and not even a problem, really!
Hence, the available methods to be explained below will unlock any iPhone without recourse to whether to it’s model.

It works perfectly well on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, and more.

All you need to do is to take your precious time to read and digest the instructions which you can follow to access your iPhone without using any passcode.

Available Methods to Unlock iPhone in Nigeria.

You can unlock your iPhone in Nigeria using any of the various methods to be discussed below without paying anybody a dime when it’s not necessary:

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How to Unlock iPhone in Nigeria Using iTunes

One of the few ways you can adopt to unlock your iPhone in Nigeria is by using the iTunes tactic.

It is simple and easy to do all if you can follow the given instructions and directions carefully and religiously.

Step 1: Open iTunes

Since you’ll be unlocking your iPhone using the iTunes strategy, you’ll then need to open iTunes on your system (computer) and connect the iPhone in question to the PC.

Step 2: Synchronization

Having connected the iPhone to the PC, it will automatically synchronize the iPhone and create a backup file for all of your data, after which your iPhone will be restored again.

Step 3: Backup option

Also, the PC will display all the available backups on your iPhone device and you’ll be asked to choose which to restore.

In the process of doing this, it’s vital that you choose the one that is most recent.

Step 4: Passcode by-pass

Once the restoration process is completed, your iPhone will be anew and you will have the luxury to use your locked iPhone without inputting any passcode.

With all the four steps above, if carefully followed, your locked iPhone will be unlocked within few minutes without spending a fortune.

How to Unlock iPhone in Nigeria Using iCloud

Whether you buy your iPhone from a friend who stays abroad or a family member who stays oversea gifted it to you as your birthday present, what matters most is that you can unlock the iPhone using the iCloud.

But to do this, you must have — from inception — enabled the “Find My Phone” button on your precious iOS device while doing the phone settings and configuration.

This method is easier and useful as it can be used to restore the iPhone and unlock its passcode too.

Such is one of the remarkable features of iPhone and iOS devices.

The feature is also useful for phone lost or theft as it can be used remotely in resetting all your valuable data and information etc.

Step 1: Visit the official iCloud website

To unlock your iPhone in Nigeria using the iCloud, the first thing you’re expected to do is to visit the official iCloud website

Once you are able to access the site with your PC, just sign in using your Apple ID as well as the password.

Step 2: Click on “all devices”

Once you’re able to sign in with your Apple ID, browse through the top edge of the page or browser window, you’ll see “all devices”, do click on it.

Step 3: Select your device

Immediately you clicked on “all devices”, you’ll see a pop-up message showing all available devices on the web page.

Do select your own device type which is iPhone and touch the exact data you intend to erase.

Step 4: Click on “Erase”

Since you’ll be wiping out the initial information on the iPhone, then it’s advisable you click on the “Erase” button gently to wipe out the contents on the intending iPhone device and with its passcode inclusive.

Thus, your iPhone will be wiped clean and you’ll be saved from the trouble of iPhone lock.

All in all, after you must have followed the above process to get your desire

the result, you can restore your most recent backup using your iPhone device setup assistant.

While every single content, data, and information on your iOS device will

be restored back during the process, the iPhone please will, therefore, be excluded.

How to Unlock iPhone in Nigeria Using the Recovery Mode Strategy.

In the same vein, you can use a method known as the recovery mode to unlock your iPhone device in Nigeria.

It can be used to enable the device software, too, when they’re down, disabled, and many more.

The process goes thus:

Step 1: Press ‘ Power Off’.

To use the recovery mode strategy to unlock your locked device Nigeria,

kindly hold the sleep or wake button for a few seconds and press the “Power Off” button.

Step 2: Connect the device to PC

To do this, you’ll have to press your iPhone device “Home” button and hold it for few seconds.

Plugin your iPhone to the PC at the same time and your device will automatically turn on.

Step 3: Watch out for “Connect to iTunes” option.

While you’re still holding still on the “Home” button, don’t release or

remove your hand on it until your device reads and displays the “Connect to iTunes” option.

Therefore, when you receive a prompts message from iTunes saying that a device has been detected, gently click on “OK”.

If you try out this procedure on your locked iPhone, you should be able to do things that you were unable to do before with ease and simplicities.

How to Unlock Your iPhone 4 in Nigeria Using Gevey Sim

While this particular subheading is specifically meant for iPhone 4 users in

Nigeria, this tutorial on how to unlock a locked iPhone 4 device can be used anywhere around the world.

Therefore, follow the instructions below to unlock iPhone 4 using the Gevey Sim card method.

But before then, it’s required of you to run some basebands; that is 03.10 and 10 as well as 04.10.

These bands are simply not factory unlocked. Similarly, be enlightened that

there is no specific software designed for the basebands although there are two distinct methods that will work well for the iPhone 4 unlock.

They are:

1: By paying for online official unlock services.

There are several numbers of websites out there that are offering online unlock services with the aid of basebands at reasonable prices.

All you have to do is to browse through the world wide web and engage the service of the best of them all.

This is actually possible through various reviews, ratings, and feedback given by their previous users.

On this note, you need to be extra careful as the authenticity plus the legitimacy of all those websites can not be guaranteed.

2: By using the Gevey Sim

The other available option in which you can use to unlock your iPhone 4 in Nigeria is by US the Gevey Sim to run the unlock processes.

It is simple and easy though. Ideally, Gevey SIM unlocks circle adopts a kind of SIM interposer that sits in-between the baseband component and the SIM

itself to safely perform the unlock processes, thereby causing iPhone 4 device basebands 01.59.00, basebands 02.10.04, basebands 03.10.01,

and 04.10.01 to be available for unlocking.

Also, be informed that using the Gevey Sim to unblock your iPhone 4 could

be sometimes quite inconvenient; most especially in areas or locations with the poor network coverage.

For this reason, be ready to perform the unlock process — repeatedly — should in case you lost your device signal for more than three minutes.

Without further delay, follow the below step-by-step instructions on how to use Gevey sim to unblock your iPhone:

Step 1: Dial 112

To make use of the Gevey SIM as an iPhone unlocking strategy in Nigeria, simply dial 112 on the SIM and hang up the call after two seconds.

Step 2: Switch your iPhone to airplane mode

After you must have hung up the call, stay calm for 15 minutes — at least — and after which you’ll switch your iPhone device to airplane mode.

Step 3: Wait for a notification

Once you’ve switched your iPhone to airplane, wait till you receive a message or notification stating that, “No Sim Card Installed”.

Step 4: Switch off the airplane mode

Now that you’ve gotten the notification, kindly switch off the airplane mode and wait for few seconds.

By now, your iPhone must have unlocked itself after displaying “Sim Failure” for some seconds.

That’s that how to unlock your iPhone using the Gevey SIM unlock. It’s simple and straightforward.


There is more to buying an iPhone device for fun and fashion, it’s

practically useless if it can be used to make or receive calls and to send or receive text messages.

However, learning how to unlock the iPhone to use Nigeria’s SIM card and all sorts of iPhone unlocking services is indeed not a wasted effort.