How to Use Siri to unlock any iPhone

Use Siri to unlock any iPhone:

Without any prejudice, it’s obvious that passcodes offer protection to phone’s and there is nothing wrong with that.

Most especially, with iOS products like the mighty and expensive iPhones, the importance of passcodes can’t be overemphasized.

But this tutorial is based on how to use Siri to unlock any iPhone successfully without erasing any data on your phone.

It seems quite wanting but necessary because of certain reasons and circumstances.

Therefore, if you really care to know how to use Siri to unlock any iPhone successfully, as usual,

this article is a comprehensive guide and it’ll be unraveling all the step-by-step instructions that will really help you in your sojourn.

While there are many reasons while mobile phones, android, to mention but a few are designed and built with passcodes,

the fact that it gives room for privacy can definitely not be hidden.

With your locked iPhone, there is nothing a stranger can do with your iOS device.

Your secret is safe and personal information will be protected too, no reason to doubt this.

However, a situation may arise that you find yourself in an unpleasant position where you forgot, all of a sudden, your iPhone passcode.

Or better still, your troublesome little one has toyed with your iPhone and locked you out unintentionally.

How then do you unlock your iPhone without any passcode in these situations?

This is the question that this article is on a mission to provide a definite answer to but

before then, it’s ideal we take our time to consider the following questions.

What is the Importance of Enabling Siri?

How Does Apple's Siri Work? » Science ABC

Other than learning how to use Siri to unlock any iPhone successfully without damaging or

erasing any file on the smart device, you might want to know some other benefits that come with it.

This, when activating and setting up a newly bought iPhone, owners are often asked if they

will like to set up their Siri iPhone digital assistant function.

Most users agree, even, before reading and understanding what the agreement actually entails.

So if you are one of them, endeavor to go and read the Siri policy for a better understanding of the automated system.

That being said, we’ve made it known earlier that a passcode is designed to help protect the privacy and personal information of the owner,

but circumstances may arise where the owner can’t remember the code he used again, hence he needs a way to bypass the lock.

In a nutshell, the benefits of enabling Siri on the iPhone are too many to mention,

but without further ado, you may check the below importance out:

  • Emergency reason

One of the benefits of enabling Siri on the iPhone is that it can be used by an unknown user

to assist, even, the real owner of the iPhone in times of emergency.

Such instance is in time of urgent need and attention or when a vehicle had an accident

and the phone owner is severely injured, the only way to contact his loved ones is through Siri.

  • Easy and Safe driving

Another advantage of using Siri’s voice unlocks is that it brings about easy and safe steering while driving.

You can conveniently flip through your iPhone playlist with Siri with your hands pivoting the steering.

  • Instant questions and answers benefit

Also, enabling Siri, on your iPhone means you are offering yourself the chance to ask questions and get immediate answers.

  • It aids the visual

There are some iPhone users with visual impairments but with an important tool as Siri,

they can easily navigate their smartphone devices without encountering any difficulty.

  • Note-taking advantage

Similarly, the magnificent Siri can be used during a class session to take note of lectures and important ideas.

It can be used outside class for taking note of new songs, upcoming movies, or groceries that you plan to buy when you’re out.

To crown it, don’t you think it really worth your time to learn how to use Siri to unlock any

iPhone with view advantages mentioned above? Well, there are countless numbers of

reasons or benefits of enabling Siri on iPhone, the above highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Disadvantages of Enabling Siri on iPhone

The truth is, there is no single thing with advantage without a disadvantage; even if it’ll be minutes.

Hence, the following are the reasons why you need to carefully think and reason before enabling Siri.

  • Internet connection is reliant.

Just like any other voice assistants, Siri does not and will not work without an internet connection;

whether it is a wi-fi connection or internet data, there must be one before it can efficiently function.

  • Listening error

Siri is an automated app that is programmed for such purposes and as such, it can be prone — easily — to listening errors.

That is to say, if you have a thick accent or don’t speak louder, the automated technology might understand your speech as something else.

A Step-by-step Instructions on How to Unlock an iPhone With Siri

One of the best ways to unlock a locked iPhone with a lost or unknown passcode is by using Siri.

Siri as a trusted iPhone automated voice function can be used hands-free to unlock a locked device.

Thus, unlocking your iPhone without losing any file or data with an extremely confident.

In the world we are today, there is no single software lacuna in the latest version of Apple

products that will give you access to a locked device by way of bypassing the passcode.

However, if you are using an older version of the iPhone (say iPhone 8 through to 12.1) there

is an elaborate way to make use of Siri to bypass your locked iPhone if you lost or forgot your passcode.

This way of using Siri will even take you to the phone home screen.

The question now is: how exactly can you use Siri to unlock an iPhone without wiping away any data?

The answer is not far fetched, below is how you, too, can do it yourself.

1. Ask Siri for the time

Siri disappoints again, this time with apps - The Times of EverestThe Times  of Everest

To use the Siri function when your iPhone locked code cannot be accessed again, you need to engage Siri by firstly requesting the time.

To do this, hold your iPhone home button, for a long time, to activate Siri function which is an iPhone’s digital assistant.

Then ask her for the time to make her open the iPhone clock functionality. When opened, Siri will give you the accurate time.

Then tap on the shown clock icon that will be displayed on your phone screen to safely open the World Clock app on the phone.

2. Add another clock through the “World Clock”

Haven successfully open the World Clock despite the fact that your phone is still locked,

what is next is to add another clock since you have landed in the World Clock app safely.

Then, a new clock can be added by tapping the “+” icon shown at the top edge of your phone screen.

Siri Clock Commands - Smart Home Explained

Search for anything you would like to use the pop-up bar, double-tap on your search key,

and press the “select all” that will be displayed from the submenu bar.

The moment you choose the “Select All”, several options will be shown, then tap on the “Share” button out of the displayed options.

3. Go to the “Message” app.

You are now a step closer to unlocking your iPhone with the Siri function, all you’ll have to

do now is to access your message app Haven tapped on the “Share” button above.

You will see a “Message” bar as option one on the list the moment you pressed on the “Share” button.

So, kindly choose the “Message” option to carefully open the messaging app.

From there, choose the “To” field that will be displayed at the top corner of the phone screen and type anything you like into the field.

After that, tap back on your phone keypad to highlight what you have written and selected

the “+” icon located at the right-hand side of the text area.

4. Create a New Contact

If you select the “+” icon displayed at the right side of the text, it will take you to where

you can create a new contact on your iPhone despite the device being locked.

Then, select “Create New Contact” out of the many pop up options.

On the “New Contact” icon displayed, select the “Add Photo” menu that will be shown by

your left and tap on “Choose Photo” out of the numerous options to be displayed.

5. Select a Photo

From your iPhone photo gallery, select any photo of your choice to proceed on your journey

to unlock your iOS device with the iPhone digital assistant, Siri. So tapping on the “Choose Photo” will automatically open your Photo app.

At this point in time, just select any album on your list and wait patiently for a moment for the photo album to process.

The photo album processing may take a while for it to complete the propagation, as the iOS is manifestly undergoing an imperfect process.

However, the moment the photo album opens, kindly press the Home key on your iPhone

device and boom… you will land safely on your iPhone Home screen!

With this simple trick and processes, you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone device using the iPhone digital assistant, Siri.


Unlocking your iOS device with the iPhone digital assistant.

If you can read this comprehensive tutorial on how to use Siri to unlock any iPhone

successfully without wiping away all the phone’s data down to this stage, then you really want to learn and know this process better.

Hence, you may want to try this process of using the iPhone digital assistant, Siri, too.

Although this process involves asking Siri for the time too, it involves another dimension other than opening the messaging app.

Kindly read the following instructions:
  • Ask if Siri can open the world clock on your locked iPhone device. Immediately the World clock is opened, simply touch it.
  • When the world clock is openly showing the time together with the list of tunes and music options you have on your iPhone as alarm ringtones.
  • In the displayed tab, you will see a button with a “buy more tunes” inscription, just tap it and it will land you on the iTunes store.
  • Once you find yourself there, all you need is to click on the displayed home button.

Doing that will take you directly to your iPhone home screen.

  • When it does, it means you have successfully unlocked your iPhone using Siri’s help — an iPhone digital assistant — without using any password or code.

Forgetting a passcode is something that can happen to just anybody as all it takes to

happen is a memory momentary lapse and too many guesses or typing a wrong passcode on your phone.

And it may even be that you found your lost iPhone after some months but can’t remember the passcode again.

Whatever your case is, a locked iPhone often feels like a herculean task or an impossible challenge that is not easy to overcome.

But yet, there are several ways to have full access to files and data on your smartphone if the incident is right.

All in all, there is always a way to gain access to a locked iPhone if that’s all you care about

and I believe this post has just opened your eyes to the best possible way with the help of Siri.

How to Get Owner Basic Information on iPhone using Siri

Found Someones iPhone? Help Return a Lost iPhone to the Owner with Siri |  OSXDaily

Have you ever found a lost phone before without knowing how to reach or contact the owner because it is locked?

Or do you found an abandoned iPhone on the street and try to get it back to the owner but couldn’t because of the passcode on the phone?

It is indeed ridiculous to see an expensive iPhone on a restaurant table and can’t figure out

to get it back to the owner through his or her basic information. With Siri, everyone is an experienced iPhone user!

While you may try your luck to no avail in a bid to find the name, contact, or email address of the real owner because of the passcodes, passwords,

thumbprint or face unlock — there are these two things you can do in other to get the needed information on the phone.

Firstly, If the lost smartphone is an iPhone device and of course, locked,

there is a smart way that you can make use of Siri to access all the information needed to assist you in returning the lost phone to its legitimate owner.

This process is very simple. All that is required of you is to do is to pose a simple question to Siri;

you can ask Siri your question this way:

“Siri, who is the owner of this phone?”.

Siri will reply to your question by telling you his name, phone number, and email address.

It is important to note that Siri might not be able to provide the phone number of the real

owner if he (the owner) enables Siri function when setting up his new phone without reading the instructions on Siri enablement.

Thus, you can proceed by asking Siri another question though, all in an attempt to get a number.

Ask Siri for the most called number on the phone. Siri will instantly reply you by giving you

the name of that most called contact, based on the phone’s call record.

With that, you can safely use the same Siri to call that most called contact and inform

whoever picks the phone that you found the phone and will like to give it back to the owner.

However, the way voice recognition and technology as a whole has been advancing,

their probability is high that Siri may not respond or recognized your voice.

Should this be the case, you can easily bypass that using this second method.

To bypass the strength of the voice recognition, all that is expected of you is to press and

hold —for 3 to 4 seconds — the home button before you ask Siri the questions.


From the above discussed, you will see that the Siri function on the iOS device has turned out to be a very useful technology really.

She will be there for any iPhone users (say version 8 down to 12) in time of need.

So unlocking any iPhone device with the help of Siri is a breeze, and getting the basic

personal information about the real and original owner of an iPhone is even an easier endeavor with her.

Lastly, there is often a little drawback in enabling Siri because of its side effects too,

but most time, many iPhone users feel that her benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

I hope you find this article on how to use Siri to unlock any iPhone successfully without file or data loss insightful?

If yes, let’s hear from you using the comments section, and don’t forget to share it too.