SAMSUNG APP FRIDGE: Check out its smartness

Samsung App Fridge will amaze you. You will not believe what you will be

able to do with a smart fridge, Talk more of the new Samsung app fridge.

But as usual, i will guide you through the knowledge of a smart fridge.

A smart fridge as the name implies makes things easy for you, you can communicate with your in a way you will be amazed.

Smart fridges have always been an object of ridicule among the ones reading about Consumer Electronics Show 2013.

But believe me, the Samsung latest fridge smartness is not a child’s bed stories.

With a 10inch full display that shows you so many things like the weather condition, your calendar,

notes from family, latest news and many more to mention but a few. Its a very good example and improvement on how

a smart device should look and react like, it actually means more than just connecting to the internet.

The Samsung App Fridge is more proactive than what you might be used to.

Samsung left a comment about it saying that it can troubleshoot issues found in it and notify you via the app on your phone.

The new Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator will give you a soft life and smoother interface to use

which builds on previous generations’ app improvements. It can notify you when you forgot to close the fridge door,

or informing you that you need to buy more milk. Amazing right?

The Android-based T9000 refrigerator (don’t get it twisted with the T-800 from Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator movie)

can also run apps like Evernote, the popular note-taking and memory-aid app.

Evernote lets you create notes, share web clips, photos, links, and videos.

You can then sync them with any other device you have that runs Evernote.

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Samsung App Fridge

Samsung App Fridge with Evernote means that your spouse can use it to create a grocery list on the refrigerator.

That list will instantly sync to your smartphone, and you’ll be able to get the message in time that you need to pick up more stuff.

You can also display recipes that you have copied to Evernote, and you can share photos via an Evernote update.

Samsung App Fridge does have a variety of preinstalled apps that are very useful, which means you can’t install any app in it. 

What about the coolest app called “Epicurious”, it makes the communication with your fridge very friendly.

You can look into your refrigerator and list the ingredients in the fridge.

Then Epicurious will search through its database to find a recipe that you can make.

If you have beef, bacon, onions, and cheese, you can make a meal like bacon-cheddar burgers with caramelized onions.

Unilever has an app sends coupons and recipes to your fridge.

You can then send them to a mobile device to use them at the store. Still Amazing right?

The app screen has a menu of icons at the bottom.

You can write memos, view AP news, update your calendar and customize it with photos (which you can upload via a SD card, Picasa, or through AllShare).

You can add your Google Calendar and show calendars side-by-side. The kids can enter their own appointments by typing on the screen.

The 32-cubic feet fridge itself has a lot of space in four compartments (where, as you can see in the video below, you can fit a giant lobster).

You can configure two as freezers, or just one, and up to three as refrigerators. The refrigerator is coming this spring for somewhere around $4,000.

Most people said its technology and smartness is much better than the latest fifth-generation (5G) network. I wonder its connection.

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