Spectranet Modems

Here, we are going to explain all you need to know about Spectranet, and its advantages over other modem.

What is Spectranet?


It is a Gurgaon based internet service designed to provide fiber-optic broadband services to residential houses,

business premises and enterprise customers across countries for instance india.

Hence they partner with local cable operators who manage the networks, payments and after sales service.

Spectranet was by founded by Punj Lloyd in 2000 with the aim of providing internet services to small and medium-sized

businesses in Delhi/NCR and Bangalore. But later, around June 2008, India’s Shyam Group bought the business from Punj Lloyd.

It came into Nigeria in 2009 after been awarded an operational license by the National Communication Commission (NCC).

Their main aim was to be the leader in the internet service Space because they were the first company to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria.

Though currently, MTN has the largest 4G coverage in the country. It was 24 percent early last year but has since risen to 44 percent.

However, in 2018, the company (MTN) had 5.76 million 4G subscribers, the highest in the country according to the NCC.

Meanwhile smaller companies like NTEL and Smile had 538,308 and 237,066 4G subscriptions respectively.

These look like small figures, but they are really not. Globacom and 9Mobile had 911,701 and 901,771 4G subscribers in 2018.

Spectranet on the other has about 95 million subscriber in 2018 but are still struggling with many challenges.

In perspective, these two companies had over 60 million mobile users that year compared

to Smile and ntel that had less than 1 million users combined. MTN has the largest 4G network in the country.

It was 24% early last year but has risen to 44%. however, in 2018, the company had 5.76 million 4G subscribers,

the highest in the country according NCC. It is currently one of the top ten (10) fastest browsing network in Nigeria.

Which is better Simile or Spectranet?

spectranet 4g

Spectranet 4G LTE speed can be said to possess a moderate speed but it is also a cheaper option especially when compared to Smile.

It is more reliable and easy to manage.

While Smile 4G LTE is known for its consistency as well as speed. It is reliable in terms of fastness but it has a downside which is the data plan is costly compared to the other modem.


Where does It work in Nigeria?

Like we earlier said that Spectranet is reliable and affordable internet service to our various homes and workplaces.

In Nigeria, Spectranet 4G LTE is in only four(4) states namely; Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt,

but are still planing to rollout their 4G network to other cities in no distance time.

How do I see the user on Spectranet

These are ways to check your Spectranet balance online.

  1. Visit the official site HERE. The page below is going to appear.
How to check data balance on Spectranet in Nigeria online

2. Click on “Self Care” on the above diagram to proceed.

3. You be forwarded to the next page. There you will see a red button that says “Login to Self care”

How to check data balance on Spectranet in Nigeria SelfCare

4. Login your account details. Always use Users ID and password provided by it when you purchased its modem.

Hence always remember to change your default passcode to protect your account.

5. Once you on the account, your personal dashboard appears.

6. Get down to the option that states ‘data balance.’ It appears as three numbers separated by a colon. For Instance 14:743:789.

The meaning of this is 14 means 14GB, 743 mean 743MB and 789 mean 789KB.

How much is This Modem

its price ranges from 16,000 to 70,000 depending on the one your desire. Here are list of all there prices.

Freedom MiFi is  ₦16,000. Hence it is the lowest of all.

Pebble MiFi. Price is ₦20,000.

Portable MiFi Price is ₦25,000.

TOZ Indoor CPE. Price is ₦25,000.

 Indoor WiFi. Price is ₦35,000.

Portable MiFi Premium Price is ₦35,000.

 Outdoor Modem Price is ₦70,000.

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