How do you use WIFI Direct to connect your TV? See how

Before knowing how to use WIFI Direct to connect your TV, you need to understand it means and how it works.

When you use WIFI Direct to connect your TV, it shows every activity on your phone to the TV, which simply means you can see your phone screen on your television screen.


According to Wikipedia, It is a WIFI standard for peer-to-peer wireless connections that allows two devices to establish a

direct WIFI connection without an intermediary wireless access point, router, or Internet connection.

It is single-hop communication, rather than multihop communication like wireless/mobile ad hoc networks.


It uses a number methods and standard for its functions to be accomplished.

Some of these standards are WIFI, WIFI Direct Device, and Service Discovery, WIFI Protected Setup, WPA2.

WI-FI: Wi-Fi Direct uses the same Wi-Fi technology that Wi-Fi-enabled devices use to communicate with wireless routers.

A Wi-Fi Direct device can essentially function as an access point, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices can connect

directly to it. This is already possible with ad-hoc networking, but Wi-Fi Direct extends this feature with easy

setup and discovery features.

WI-FI Direct Devices and Service Discovery: This protocol gives Wi-Fi Direct devices a way to discover each other

and the services they support before connecting. For example. a Wi-Fi Direct device could see all compatible devices

in the area and then narrow down the list to only devices that allow printing before displaying a list of nearby Wi-Fi Direct-enabled printers.

WI-FI Protected Setup: When two devices connect to each other, they automatically connect via Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS.

We can only hope that device makers use a secure connection method for this WPS connection and not the extremely insecure WPS PIN method.

WPA2: Wi-Fi Direct devices use WPA2 encryption, which is the most secure way of encrypting Wi-Fi.

Now, let’s take you through the step-by-step procedures to the use of connecting it to your TV.


But before that, there are things you need to keep at the back of your mind.

You must make sure your phone is a smart one and contains WIFI Direct and also your television must be

a smart TV and contains screen mirroring and a wifi network in its features.

Step 1: Get your android smartphone, go to the phone settings, and locate WIFI Direct and switch it ON.

If it’s too difficult to locate, just type WIFI Direct in the search settings located at the top of your screen as shown below.

use WIFI Direct to connect your TV

After switching the phone WIFI Direct ON, go to your TV, open the settings, go to Networks and locate WIFI Direct, turn it ON too.

You will see your phone WIFI will appear on the TV screen, select it and pair it with your phone.

use WIFI Direct to connect your TV 2

Step 2: When you are done with the first step, go back to your phone and locate “Cast” in the settings.

Now depending on your smartphone, some phones like Tecno Camon 11 pro, you can find it in the “Connected device”,

while in other phones, it can be found in the display settings.

When located, enable the wireless display which is located in the 3dots at the top right end of the Cast page.

if enabled, go to your TV Screen mirroring or Screen Sharing or Screen Cast

depending on the type of television you are using, and your TV WIFI will be visible on your phone Cast page, select on it and everything is all done.

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